Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I get to be a starfish !!

So tonight is Eric's first overnight trip for work. He's in Chicago where the home office for ASF is and getting to rub shoulders with his fellow ASF-ers. He had a good flight (for those of you that know he hates to fly *blink* *blink* and that's ALL of you now) and is settling into his pick of two queen size beds at a Hampton Inn. I miss him already and nothing will be the same until he comes home on Thursday, however, before you go feeling all sorry for me-there is one thing that make his trips tolerable. Barely. :)

I get to be a starfish. You know what I mean...it's the end of the day and the house is to quiet, nothing seems as interesting when he's not around, I wonder what intruder is lurking in the alley (thank goodness for our two ferocious guard dogs) and stay up to late, dreading going to bed alone....until I realize that the aforementioned bed is ALL MINE! That's right ladies and gentlemen...tonight I climb in--scoot to the middle and stretch out arms and legs like a starfish. I get to feel my joints pop in that really good way and my muscles groan and relax as I sink into the soft bed. My eyelids droop instantaneously and I smile at the sweet dreams winging their way towards me. The funny thing is...in the morning, I'll wake up on my side of the bed-just like I always do. And the magical power of starfishing wears off after the first night. After that...it's just me alone...adrift...in an endless sea of covers, waiting for my ship to come in...or home.


JM said...

I LOVE to go starfishing...aaaaah. Yeah, it sucks to have Jay gone for any length of time (like 4 weeks every summer), but I DON'T wind up like you...oh, no. I wake up in the morning sprawled diagonally across the bed taking up every square inch, and I LOVE it. Miss Jay, LOVE having the bed all to myself! (Miss cuddling...miss his rocking...okay, so it's not THAT great, but at least I finally have room!)