Wednesday, May 28, 2008

...and MORE Reilly Channel (yippee!)

here's the same gig for the one year photos. She was just barely standing and holding onto things when these photos were taken. Hard to believe that only weeks later, she's taking steps on her own. Look out world!

The Reilly Channel... least that's what it seems like with all of Pookie's pics floating around on this blog. My only excuse is...well...I don't have one. I think she's the most adorable girl ever and I can't help it. I am shameless. Hee. are her two month pictures, finally. I bought the disk when I purchased her one year photos and thought I would share them. I've numbered each picture, in case any of you would like them, and you can send me an email just telling me which ones you want and I'll send them off. I can't believe how little she was!


Thursday, May 22, 2008

First Pigtails!

I finally got pigtails on our little Pook. She was very pleased with herself and found them facinating. It took all of three hours before she finally got her chubby hand up there and pulled them out! I have to share:

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Answer 3 things to each section :)

20 years ago I...
1) was 17 and getting ready for my senior year
2) working at Pizza hut as a cook with my sister's best friend (lots of fun)
3) had my first unrequieted crush *sigh*

10 years ago I...
1) was a divorced single mom making the best of it
2) working as a dental assistant and moonlighting at a second job
3) learning what it meant to stand up for what you believe in

5 years ago I..
1) Moved back to Arizona from Oklahoma
2) Met my husband to be (although I didn't know it at the time)
3) Was enjoying getting to know my neices and nephews and staying with Bonna while job hunting.

3 years ago I..
1) was planning a wedding
2) living with my youngest brother Jared (a great experience!)
3) getting ready to move back to Tucson from Mesa

1 year ago I...
1) Just given birth to Reilly and was in the throws of new motherhood...after 15 years :)
2) Supporting my husband in his endeavors with a new business
3) Dealing with tendenitis in both wrists and my right hip out.

So far this year I have...
1) Gone back to work part time
2) Marveled at the fact that I have a son who went to his first prom and a daughter who is learning to take her first steps
3) and I have ALSO read the Twilight Series more times than is necessary!(the previews for the movie were amazing-saw them at Prince Caspian on Saturday)

Yesterday I...
1) Nursed my husband who was sick with the 24 hour flu
2) did a million loads of laundry
3) Saw Prince Caspian at the theatre on a date with my husband! (I had to come back and edit this because I didn't actually see Prince Caspian...I saw the movie, Prince Caspian. LOL)

Today I....
1) believe in the power of kindness and have a stronger testimony of it.
2) made an amazing meatloaf
3) am glad that Reilly is her usually happy little face again after recovering from the side effects of her MMR shot.

Tomorrow I will...
1) Take Reilly to the park
2) Curl my babysitters hair as a "practice" before her promotion to H.S. this Wednesday.
3) Various and sundry errands :)

In the next year I may...
1) Finish Nik's scrapbook
2) Teach Reilly how to walk
3) Come to grips that my 20 year H.S. reunion will be rolling around!

Thanks for the tag Jess and Cory! I feel so loved :)

Busy Times

What can I say about the long silence except that the end of April and all of May are just very busy times at the Robbins nest (thanks Jason for the great idea!) I've been working more, had wonderful visits from out-of-town family, both Nik and Reilly have turned a year older, Eric has become a regular road warrior for work and we've had more than a few dinner parties for friends and friends of friends. Great fun and lots of fabulous memories.

Especially notable was Reilly's first weekend with Grandma and Grampa Bradshaw. I dropped her off Friday night and Eric and I both picked her up on Sunday afternoon, Mother's Day. It was great to have the weekend to have one-on-one time with Eric and it was also cute to see him calling the grandparents to check up on how Reilly was doing! Of course, she was showered with love and goodness and great fun getting kisses and hugs from Gramma and Grampa. I have to take a minute and just share how well prepared Mom is. I was super impressed! Reilly's visit was sort of a last minute decision and so I hadn't come prepared with Reilly's usual assortment of "mommy worry" gear. I call it that because I'm sure, had I more time to prepare, I would have thrown in everything but the kitchen sink..."just in case." Needless to say, Mom had everything she needed on hand...bottle, diapers, formula, portable crib and even splurged on a Sunday dress to take Riles to church. I have the best mother ever and Reilly has a wonderful Gramma. Thanks again Moma and Dad..for everything that weekend.

Now I just need to plan the trip to New York that's coming up in about three weeks. Holy Cow! Three weeks? I gotta get going!