Sunday, June 8, 2008

Busy in the hood...

Neighborhood, that is. I can't believe how busy it's been at Our House lately! I mean, I thought when Eric's cousin left that things would really slow down but they haven't! I have to say that it's all because of our neighborhood. Ever since the neighbor girls have been babysitting Reilly (super cute girls ages 12 and 14), they stop by at least once a day to play with Reilly or visit with me. I've gotten to know their mom, Mary, pretty well and sometimes find myself at their house visiting as well.

Rueben and Gloria are across the street with the daughter, Kathy (who is an adult daughter with Down's Syndrome) and we visit and check on eachother often. Reuben was actually the "welcome wagon" when I came to the neighborhood.

Recently, I've started walking with Millie (who lives two houses down and lost her husband to cancer last November) and Gail who lives at the end of the street next to Mary. Most of the time, the babysitters come over in the evening to let me know the "gang" is leaving for the evening walk and always ask me to bring Reilly in the stroller-which I'm happy to do because Reilly really loves her walks..and I mean LURVS her walks :)

Between work, Reilly, neighborhood visits and evening walks...things have really kept moving around here! Not to mention I've lost another 5 pounds walking 2-4 miles in the evenings!

Memorial Weekend we got invited to a bbq at the Mary's and just this afternoon Millie brought by her special eggplant parmesan (yum!) and stuffed peppers for me to try. I'm..uh...starting to get spoiled with all this food and babysitters that live across the street!

Anyways, I just had to say...I'm really getting to like our little street and how connected it feels. I think I'm going to have to make a "do not disturb" sign for the front door though. Just in case I need to "take 5."


JM said...

I wish our neighborhood was like that. Everyone in our complex is super-private, which can be nice, don't get me wrong - they're all friendly - but it gets lonely, too. Maybe that's why I'm so Dad, Kim, Paige and Jay are all there with me alternately, and it's great interaction. Ooooh! When's your trip to NY planned for? Soon, right? Will you come out and stay with me a week in July if I fly you? (Jay'll be in BH from the middle to the end of the month for 3 weeks!) Let me know! Love ya, babe!!!!

JM said...

By the way, my "word verification" below on the last one was ddepshz. For some reason that made me laugh sounding it out. And the one I'm about to type in is zglmxik. Heehee.