Monday, April 21, 2008

Adult proofing

Now that Reilly is galloping around on all fours, we've taken to childproofing the house. This is a much more monumental task than I remember it being with Nik. Everytime I think I'm done, Reilly shows me something that I've missed. I really can't complain-mostly I'm thankful that we've managed the transition without any major boo-boos. There is one thing I have to say, though. I HATE those child safety door latches. You know the have to screw them in. One side attaches to inside the cubboard-on the roof- and the other attaches to the swing open/pull open door. The object is to prevent the door/drawer from opening unless you push down the latch first. Seems like a good idea. But it's not. I have exactly four doors that this works on. That's right...I spent two days with the electic drill, in various acrobatic positions, trying to install said locks. Reilly thought it was great fun to climb on momma, pull my hair, jump on my stomach and try to take my tools away-while I was in the various acrobatic positions. I would finally get the latch positioned;scew hole started;holding scew in place with one hand while operating the electric drill with the other and just as soon as I would start the drill (cordless-thank goodness) Reilly would perform one her hijinks. I would get up, set her a ways away from me, give her a toy and go back to getting into position. Lather, rinse, repeat. On Friday last, it ended up with me laughing hysterically while Reilly was happy to join in. The end result? After I installed the latches-I discovered they didn't work. Why? ask? Because the furniture/cabinets have a decorative edging that doesn't leave enough space for my finger to unlatch the lock. That's right..they are adult proof. Go figure.


JM said...

Okay, that is SOOOOOO funny! I just totally have this mental picture of you being so satisfied with yourself when you finally get the last one on, slamming that puppy closed, then going back to further relish in your accomplishment by opening it back up...and not being able to. And trying again, and again, and finally realizing the problem...and collapsing on the floor in laughter as Reilly giggles and wanders over to you. HAAA! You rock, Jewels. Love ya, lady! Thanks for sharing!

Jason said...

Jason here:

Nice blog; sorry for not commenting until now, but I was thinking, why don't you change the name of your blog to "Robbins' Nest?" Take it or leave it.