Monday, April 21, 2008

Wendy's Birthday Party!

Saturday night, the family got together to celebrate Wendy's 30th Birthday! We all congragated at Macayos Restaurant (in Casa Grande) to share great food, fun and watch Wendy make a wish and blow out the candle (with a little help from Abbey). When I asked Wendy if she was sad to see her 20's go, she told me that she is so happy with where her life is right now and very excited for the future. I, for one, think she should be incredibly proud of all that she's accomplished and besides-she still looks 21 so who cares what the actual numbers are! Happy Birthday Wendy! Here are a few photos of the happy event:


JM said...

Ok, that SOOOOO makes me sad that we don't live there. (Sigh.) I'm turning 30 this year, too, and there will be no big family party for me...again, because we're stuck 300 miles from everyone else. (Double sigh.)

Enough self-pity, though...I'm SO glad Wendy had a fabulous birthday, and that you guys made it up there for it!!! :) Yay, Bradshaw-extended-family-group-get-togethers!!! Wish we could come too! Love you all!

JM said...

By the way, I heard the very end of the song finish with "try a little tenderness" just as the picture of you kissing Dad on the cheek came up. SOOOOOO sweet.