Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Jobby Job for Eric!

Yaaaaaay! Just a quick note to all of you have been keeping us in your prayers and being so supportive-Eric accepted a position with Active Screw and Fastener this week. It's a really great opportunity for us and he is very excited about the growth potential. He will be doing some traveling, as he is in charge of all of their national accounts so he will be away from home (overnight) about once a week. Reilly and I will miss him so much while he is gone but we are looking forward to being able to get back on track. We feel we have been so blessed and appreciate everyone's support and prayers.


JM said...

Teehee...I love the name of the company.

Anyway, one night a week is nothing! Jason is gone more than that, and he still comes home to sleep! :)

We're so glad you guys found this! Please congratulate Eric for us, and yay for being back on track!!! Love you!!!