Friday, April 18, 2008


I think it's wonderful that he continued to do what he loved in spite of the opposition. His Mom must be sooooo proud!

(remember to pause the music player before you hit "play"--you won't want to miss it!)


JM said...

Man...stuff like this always makes me cry. Thanks a lot.

Seriously, though, thank you, this was beautiful and inspiring.

David said...


I finally took the time too check out some of the stuff that I had n't seen, posts that you made before I found your blog. Boy was it well worth waiting for my slow computer to load this clip! The reactions of the audience, and especially Amanda and Simon, to this young man are absolutely incredible. You can see her whisper "oh my god" just seconds after he hegins singing, and partway through, Simon's eyes looking upward say it all! Total awe, Inspiration, tempered with a bit of disbelief. This is something that every parent should watch, it says so much about life, passion, following ones dreams, and overcoming the attitudes of closeminded people. All in a 5 minute clip. I replayed it a few time, and had a good cry, like most people would. Absolutely phenomenal, and inspiring.