Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Babysitters and Citation Street Irregulars

I realized, after reviewing several posts, that the phrase "neighbor girls," or "babysitters" comes up rather frequently. Allow me to make a formal introduction! Lisa and Autumn are 14 years and 12 years, respectively, and have added much joy into our lives. They live at the end of the block and, once I came out of hibernation (following Reilly's birth), they came down to introduce themselves and offer their services as babysitters. I agreed wholeheartedly and a few minutes later, I was comfortably ensconced on the couch visiting with Mary (their mother) while the girls entertained a much delighted Reilly. The friendship was born and an adventuresome and educational Summer ensued. Lisa and Autumn are the movers and shakers of our neighborhood. They organize neighborhood walks, encourage us to support school fundraisers, tow us along to "walk for breast cancer," throw together last minute BBQ parties, take Reilly to the park and make sure the neighborhood is doing it's part to recycle (see previous entry), keep the yard clean, and keep our neighborhood ties strong. If someone is sick, injured, or needs food-Lisa will be the first to know and make sure that something is done about it. If a good time is to be had, you can bet Autumn has something to do with it. They are delightful and amazing and I'm sure our neighborhood is what it is, in large part, because of them. Since I'm sure to mention them frequently, I thought it only proper to make sure you understood their role in our lives and how much we appreciate them! All Hail the Babysitters and the Citation Street Irregulars! The picture posted was at Halloween last year. Reilly is the kitty and the Lisa is the little blondie on the left, while Autumn is the blondie on the right. Stehanie and Nik (the scream mask) are a part of the Citation Street Irregulars-so named by my clever husband :)


Jason said...

That is quite the group there. I have heard that it is hard to move if you have a good mechanic, hairdresser, etc, and I'd definitely add babysitter to that list. I love the blog makeover!

Jessica Martiele said...

I only saw one blonde in the is which again? :) I'm right there with Jay...Roman, Robert Vu (our mechanic) and Chelsea will be what devastates me about moving...sigh. Not that we'll ever GET to move, but...whatever. Sigh. (Bigger sigh.) Oh, and ask Jason why he likes your blog makeover so much. :)

Julie said...

oops sorry, after really checking out the pic, I noticed that Lisa had sprayed her hair black! Lisa is the one holding Reilly (on the left side) and Autumn is the blondie to her right :)